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Today is the last day to donate!

The Caring Catalog 2022 is live!

Donate to help us educate people in our community about Financial Literacy.

CDR works together with the Multicultural Alliance, a collaboration between 5 different BIPOC Nonprofits serving the FM area, to provide much needed financial education to our diverse communities.

Your donations will help us offer more financial literacy classes for the many New Americans and other BIPOC individuals that need it in the Cass/Clay area. Our goal is to provide the education they need to manage their budgets, understand how the economic systems work in this country, learn to organize themselves and prosper in life, empowering them to provide and build a better future for themselves and their families.

Our mission is to serve as an intercultural bridge that strengthens, unites, educates and empowers ethnically diverse communities in our area.

The Caring Catalog is a giving platform featuring 25 local charitable organizations. By donating, you support enhances all of our missions this holiday season. There's a printed version of the catalog available, and an online version.

The FM Area Foundation publishes this catalog every year to support local nonprofits, and as a gift to our community. Since they started it, they have covered all credit card fees, and there's no participation fees for the 25 organizations either, so any donation gift you make goes 100% directly to the organization you donate to.

You can visit their page for the catalog 2022 here today to make a secure online donation.


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