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Multicultural Alliance (MA)

A Multicultural Alliance (MA), composed of a coalition of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) nonprofit organizations, with a goal to advance common interests and causes while leveraging resources to assist New Americans and minorities to achieve education, social and economical success.

  We offer training, technical assistance, and collaboration on common projects/activities, with no duplication of programs/services. Also, capacity-building with partnership and collaboration in sharing facilities, funding, in-kind support, resources, volunteers and activities.

 The Alliance offices are at (1) 112 University Drive, N. Suite 306, Fargo, ND 58102 and (2) 2419  18 Avenue South Moorhead .


Currently, the Multicultural Alliance includes the following active nonprofits and groups, to serve clients in Cass & Clay Counties.


Cultural Diversity Resources

Contact person: Yoke Sim Gunaratne, Executive Director


Phone: (701)526-3000    Cell# (701)212-5874


New American Development Agency

Contact person: Kamaludiin Mohamed, President  


Cell# (218)979-7041   Office Phone: (218) 422-5123

NADA is supported by two full-time and three part-time employees.

Help can be provided in English, Arabic, Somali and Kiswahili.

NADA provides to their clients the following services:

  • Help with housing

  • After school programs for youth

  • Youth crime prevention 

  • Education development

  • Employment search

  • Community advocacy


Women Initiative Network

Contact person: Precious Garpeh, Founder and CEO


Phone: (701) 491-0578

Women Initiative Network of Liberia in Cass and Clay Counties (WIN-Liberia) was established to create a place with activities and support services that would cater for specific needs for single moms, youth, children and vulnerable adults in  Cass & Clay County.

WIN provides the public with the following services:

  • Programs to promote dignity and self-esteem and foster independence and self-determination, and dispel stereotypes and myths about the community.

  • Career mentoring program for youth and teen moms in our community.

  • After-school programs for single mom’s children. We extend our project to Liberia.

  • Women and youth empowerment programs.

  • Financial literacy program.

  • Human services.


Ps & Qs Etiquette 

Contact Person: Rachel Stone, Founder and President


Phone: (701) 491-8979

Ps & Qs Etiquette's mission is to empower young girls and boys with knowledge and leadership skills for their fullest potential.

They have two main programs:

the Leaderlicious Girls Program and the Leaderboard Boys Program

In these programs they focus on teaching children Diversity, Speaking Out, Seeking Leadership Opportunities, Identifying & Strengthening Skills and Abilities, Overcoming Negative Thoughts, Being Unique, and Role-modeling.

Native Drums

Indigenous Legacy

Contact person: Christy Goulet, Founder


Phone: (701)541-6256

Address: 115 Center Ave. West, Dilworth MN

Hours/days open: Monday through Thursday, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Mission statement "Indigenous Cultural Preservation and Education"

Meeting the needs of Indigenous people through connective recourse, cultural experiences, and personal development (ceremonies, mentorship, education and economic opportunities).

Indigenous Legacy services include:

  • Access to language preservation (classes, tutorials, tribal websites, books, and most importantly, a list of local Elders available and willing to teach).

  • Access to classes that teach traditional food sovereignty, and the preparation of traditional dishes (cooking classes for the for the general public).

  • Beadwork and Dreamcatcher's classes.

  • Winter Medicines.

  • Oral Story telling.

Indigenous Legacy can also provide clothing and food referrals for individuals and/or families in need.

Working closely with CDR and the other members of the Multicultural Alliance allows them the opportunity of to not overlap or duplicate services, instead capitalizing on our collaboration to strengthen our community, together.

BLA revised logo (11 × 17 in) with qr code.png

Baraza La Afrika- Org

Contact: Cleophace Mukeba, Executive Director


Phone: (802)324-8936

Jules Mukeba, Program Manager


Phone: (802)363-8482

Address: C/O Cultural Diversity Resources,

3505 8th Street Suite 7, Moorhead MN 56560

Hours/days open: Monday through Thursday, 10:00am - 4:00pm

Mission statement "To facilitate the full integration of immigrants, New Americans and BIPOC in order to achieve a good quality of life in the Fargo-Moorhead area"

Our vision is that the project will better thrive through an Afro-centric approach rather than with Western-centric views. In countries in Africa, every aspect of the culture relates to the community and the people in it. The culture thrives by preserving its resources, fostering folk art expressions (such as music and instrument making, paintings, crafts and sculptures, textile arts in clothing and fashion, etc.), continuing to speak native languages such as Swahili, upholding good norms/morals and respect to our elders regardless of race, and teaching our children the true history of the continent.

Our goals are to develop support education with this approach, fostering confidence and good self-esteem among youth (12-18 years old) which in turn impacts overall academic achievement positively; educating the community about the history and the different African cultures and values; and capacity-building for women's health and well-being.

Baraza La Afrika- Org services include:

  • Youth Development activities (Homework help; Education for both youth and parents about all levels of law- Federal, State and Local; Organizing Health education for young boys and girls; Education opportunities to teach our youth about African history, values and culture; Celebration of our youth's achievements).

  • Women Health and Well-being activities (Education about the importance of health screenings, women's health and wellbeing; Facilitation of group walks; Creation of income-generating activities to supplement their income).

  • Community Education (Talks, exhibits, plays and films to educate the public on the diverse cultures and values in African countries, all open to anyone interested; Celebration of African Day to learn the value, importance, and vital contributions of the many African leaders, such as Nelson Mandela- Nobel Peace Price for his dedication to the fight against the Apartheid and its peaceful termination, Kwame Khruma- of Ghana and his Pan African Movement, Julius Nyerere- of Tanzania and his concept of Ujamaa, and Emery Patrice Lumumba- hero of DR Congo's independence, etc.;  and International Women's day).

  • African Stories by returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) that have served in African countries, through Zoom or in person.

  • Language Preservation (We teach and help preserve original/inherited African languages, like Swahili, to increase the understanding of our family history and heritage for both youth and adults).

We also provide the following services:

  • French Language classes

  • Music Instrument classes for the youth (such as piano and guitar lessons, etc.)

  • Counseling and Orientation for high school graduates

  • Free interpreting services during parent/teacher conferences.

Baraza La Afrika partners with Cultural Diversity Resources, Concordia College through their Community Engagement Program, the FMA Foundation, The New American Consortium, the West Central Initiative and United Way of Cass-Clay Counties.

Ps & Qs
Baraza La Afrika
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