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Serving as an intercultural bridge that strengthens bonds, educates and empowers ethnically diverse communities

Programs offered by CDR

Our non-profit offers a variety of services for the public, detailed below. We have partnered with multiple organizations as well, in a Multicultural Alliance to better serve our clients and their needs. 




Multi-Ethnic Leadership & Diversity Education

Customized diversity training and skills building for groups, businesses and agencies, on diversity and cultural awareness

 This program assists and collaborates with ethnically diverse non profits and groups on various projects and activities. It provides customized training and skills building with cultural presentations and profiles, along with information on demographics, ethnic groups and cultural activities and their significance.

 Speakers' bureau on diversity issues and inclusion also available.


Cultural Events

Bringing cultures together to celebrate diversity and Inclusion

 We bring to you Pangea, our main cultural annual event. It provides the opportunity to learn and share diverse cultural expressions and talents from the area, through performances, ethnic food, culturally relevant exhibits, and children's activities.

 We are also proud to host a Native American Festival and Educational Series annual event, to increase awareness of indigenous history, values and diversity of cultures.

 With collaboration from other great organizations in the F/M area we help support numerous other cultural affairs as well.

Follow us to get the latest information on these events​.

Youth Development

Developed to address both the civic engagement and achievement gaps experienced by many of the area's low-income students and youth of color. 

 This program directly serves the youth by giving direction, assisting with program development as well as providing tutoring and reading assistance, and after-school activities (e.g. arts, drama). We have partnered with Ps & Qs Etiquette and Rachel Stone as our Youth Activities Coordinator.​
Analyzing Data

Self Sufficiency Assistance, Financial Literacy and Job Development

We inform and refer clients to the various available services in the community, and assist them in their job development and search, while helping them improve their personal & professional skills, and educating them on financial literacy

 Families and individuals are provided opportunities for learning resume creation, how to effectively do job searches and fill applications, and interview practice. Job training, counseling and other forms of social service assistance are available, so individuals can obtain the skills they need to achieve self-sufficiency. 

 Financial literacy, such as learning how to budget and track income/expenses, saving and investing, and credit control, is also provided.​

Metro Interpreters Resource Center

We serve as an interpreting and translating resource to the Fargo/Moorhead area

 The Metro Interpreting Resource Center (MIRC) was developed to provide coordinated training and administrative support for a network of certified and professional bilingual interpreters to serve individuals with limited English proficiency in Cass and Clay counties.

 We provide more than ten of the major languages spoken in the Fargo/Moorhead area

(e.g. Arabic, Somali, Kurdish, Nepali, Spanish, Mandarin, Bosnian, Swahili, Vietnamese, French, Russian & Amharic).

Scheduled by request. Available for schools, court and medical systems, agencies and private businesses

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