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Why should you give?

(We support religious freedom when helping others in need.)

Diverse populations have increased from six to twelve percent in the past few years, positioning the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area as a growing economic and global area that values diversity. 

Your support for Cultural Diversity Resources (CDR), a 501 ( c ) 3 tax exempt nonprofit, helps to increase the social, economic and community development as well as the growth of all diverse individuals living in this area.

These diverse groups are part of Fargo/Moorhead, and with your help we can make them more productive and involved in the community.

Donors make it possible for CDR to continue to educate and foster inclusivity, cultural competency, and social/economic development for everyone.


All Donations are Tax – Deductible

*You can make an individual contribution for any amount!


Your donations will help fund our programs, such as Diversity Equity and Inclusion Education and Self Sufficiency Training

How can you donate?

Corporate Giving

 Are you looking for a way to get your company involved at CDR?

Thanks to the generous corporate sponsors, 2011 raised more than $7,000 for the annual Diversity Conference and Champions for Diversity Awards to support our mission of ‘building communities that value diversity’ as our area becomes more diverse and global.

Be a corporate sponsor,

simply click .

Your online contributions made to Cultural Diversity Resources will be matched up to $4,000.

This event is a 24-hour online fundraiser, created by the Dakota Medical Foundation and Impact Foundation that is held every year on February. 


Give to Give.

Are you interested in donating, but not sure which program to donate to?

You can always donate to our general fund, which supports Cultural Diversity Resources in all its endeavors.

Endowment Giving

An endowment fund is a donation which is invested by Cultural Diversity Resources.

The amount of money invested, or principal, remains intact while the earnings support our charitable work. The fund can be directed to support specific programs and services or for general operations.

To make a donation to the

‘Cultural Diversity Resources Endowment Fund' 

send it to:

Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation
502 1st Ave. North
Suite 202
Fargo, ND 58102

In-Kind Donations

 At Cultural Diversity Resources donations of all kinds are always appreciated.

 In Kind Donations allow us to keep our office running, and help those in need with basic material needs.

Such needs consist of:

  • Office supplies (e.g. copy paper, tablets )

  • Bathroom supplies (e.g. toilet paper, paper towels)

  • Kitchen supplies (e.g. coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, paper plates, cups and cutlery)

  • Covid-19 supplies (e.g. hand sanitizer, disposable masks)

These articles are always needed.


 Please feel free to drop off items at the office Mon/Tues/Wed/Th from 10am-3pm

112 N University Drive, Suite 306

 Fargo, ND 58103

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