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Metro Interpreters Resource Center
 Our area's business leader for Translation and Interpreter Services since 1996.-

Our mission is to serve as an Interpreters Resource in North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota.


What we do & the many ways MIRC can help you:


  • Organize and coordinate annual interpreters' training workshops to certify bilingual individuals as professional community interpreters, to serve residents and community agencies in ND and Northwestern MN.


  • Create, maintain and update a list of certified professional interpreters for MIRC members.


  • Organize and conduct basic interpreters training (e.g. Code of Ethics ) for new beginners, and refresher classes for professional Interpreters for MIRC members.


  • Supply area schools, businesses, clinics & courts with high quality interpreters to assist in areas where communication must be had.

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Call: 701-526-3000




The most common languages requested are:  


Bosnian              Amharic                                  

Spanish               Farsi 

Kurdish               French 

Arabic                 Kinyarwanda

Kirundi               Liberian English

Somali                Mandarin

Vietnamese       Portuguese

Dinka                 Russian 

Khran                 Swahili

Nepali                German

West African


 The most common dialects requested are:


Ewe and Min 




Krohn and Grebo


Where are you from?

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