Metro Interpreters Resource Center
 Our area's business leader for language solutions since 1996.

Our mission is to serve as an Interpreters Resource in North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota.


What we do & the many ways MIRC can help you:


  • Organize and coordinate annual interpreters' training workshops to certify bilingual individuals as professional community interpreters, to serve residents and community agencies in ND and Northwestern MN.


  • Create, maintain and update a list of certified professional interpreters for MIRC members.


  • Organize and conduct basic interpreters training (e.g. Code of Ethics ) for new beginners, and refresher classes for professional Interpreters for MIRC members.


  • Supply area schools, businesses, clinics & courts with high quality interpreters to assist in areas where communication must be had.

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The most common languages requested are:  


Bosnian              Amharic                                  

Spanish               Farsi 

Kurdish               French 

Arabic                 Kinyarwanda

Kirundi               Liberian English

Somali                Mandarin

Vietnamese       Portuguese

Dinka                 Russian 

Khran                 Swahili

Nepali                German

West African


 The most common dialects requested are:


Ewe and Min 




Krohn and Grebo


Where are you from?

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