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Where do we go from here?

This morning I woke up to news of war happening in another continent. Once again, a tyrant has decided to enslave and occupy a territory for his own gain. Don't be fooled by his rhetoric, this is not about his country at all- it's about himself and his desires. It is very sad to me to see how we humans have perfected the art of hurting each other, and not much has changed since we started recording our history. Methods change, but in the end we have the same results: innocent people pay the price.

It seems to me that it all boils down to greed. And intolerance. And a sense that some have of their own superiority. History tends to repeat itself when we don't learn the lessons the first time. As I sit here, reading in dismay, I think of the many people that have died throughout history in these war conflicts, and the ones that will die in the future. A lot of people that were not directly involved in the decisions that were made, people that were just unlucky enough to be in the path of destruction that war always leaves behind.

Today I am sad for the people in Ukraine. And the people in Russia, because this is definitely not their doing. I'm also sad for the lack of empathy I've witnessed in the media here, where people are more concerned about what this war would mean economically for us, instead of thinking what the war will mean to the many men, women and children that will be in the middle of a conflict they didn't ask for, nor wanted. Once again, people will be displaced. Killed. For the greed of others.

Today I'll go home and hug my children, and thank the creator that we don't have to worry about a war at home. That I'm safe, and they are safe. But are we safe? how different are we from the people there? They didn't want this war, for we all want the same thing- to see our children thrive. And no one thrives in war. Well, except for the ones that get rich and get more power at the expense of the people under them. And that seems to be something we humans do very well.

Today I am sad for all the people that have been displaced by wars in the world. For the children that were orphaned because of them. For the ones still suffering, for the ones whose families disappeared without a trace, for the ones that left their lives and everything they loved behind- to survive. I am sad to see it happening once again, just to a different group of people this time.

Today I am sad for all of us. Wars not only affect the people that die in them. They affect all of humanity, one way or another. Like ripples in a pond, we'll see the consequences of these conflicts for years to come.

All I can do, here in my little corner of the world, is teach my children to love others. Spread the word to others. Love others with all my heart. Hope this conflict doesn't last, and that it's not as bad as it looks. Just hope.

Maybe someday we adults could learn to love each other too, no matter our differences. It is my most sincere hope that we do, and that I live long enough to see it.


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