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Spotlight on Culture

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The South Sudanese people

Cultural Profile of their country of origin- South Sudan

The Arts of South Sudan

South Sudan’s many ethnic groups have a culture of producing excellent works of art. They've been known throughout history to be prominent as craftsmen and artists. Their superior use of materials, particularly for the Zande's knives, spears, and shields, was one of the main factors they dominated their neighbors, and it helped greatly in the spread of their culture. Basketry, net weaving, pottery, smelting, metalworking, and ivory and wood carving also were common. Contemporary Zande are still noted for their iron, clay, and wood objects. Some modern South Sudanese artists include painters who use acrylic, water, or oil paints as well (example here).

For more information on the history of visual arts in the whole area where Sudan and South Sudan are, check their wikipedia page here.

Music is also an integral part of their cultural traditions, as many ritual ceremonies are usually accompanied by singing and playing musical instruments. A variety of musical styles are enjoyed as entertainment. There is a traditional style of music, with singers performing without musical accompaniment or only a limited drumbeat. Western music styles, such as hip-hop and reggae, are popular. Also popular is a music style known as Sudanese or Sudanic fusion, which is a melding of Arabic and African rhythms. Dance is an integral part of the cultural traditions of South Sudan’s ethnic groups too.

Stay tuned for more information on the South Sudanese people and their culture, and more places and their people in future posts. Our area is blessed to be called home by many people of many cultures, and they deserve to be acknowledged.


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