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Financial Literacy Classes at the Moorhead Library

This July, we are offering free classes to everyone interested in learning more about basic financial matters.

Credit Control and Management

Financial Literacy Classes by CDR, presenter: Jim Schaefbauer

We had our first class a few days ago, on Tuesday July 12. We believe that it is important for everyone to know how to handle their finances effectively, and to understand the different components of said management so they can successfully improve their circumstances and ideally learn to be able to live comfortably within their means with minimal debt, eventually learning strategies on how to build wealth for themselves and their children.

Jim Schaefbauer, from the United Savings Credit Union, does a wonderful job at explaining and guiding the class to understand about their credit profiles, what credit cards are and what they can do for you (and how to use them in your advantage), the difference between a credit union and a bank and what they do as financial institutions, what it means to have a credit score and how to improve it, the importance of protecting yourself from identity theft, the importance of budgeting and knowing where every cent goes, what interest means, and other basic concepts that we are not taught on a regular basis but that we should know so we can make informed decisions when we need to. He is very receptive to questions as well, and very interested in having everyone leave the class knowing new things and satisfied with their experience.

The classes are being offered completely free of charge at the Moorhead Library building. To find us you'll need to go downstairs to their basement, and turn right to get to the meeting room. To register, send an email with your name and the number of people you're coming with, to CDR.REGISTER@GMAIL.COM.

Registration preferred, but not necessary to attend. The class is one hour long.

Our next class is on Thursday July 21st at 7:00pm.

Please arrive by 6:50pm to ensure we can start on time.

Stay tuned for more information on the wonderful people that call this area home and their culture in future posts. Our area is blessed to be called home by many people of many cultures, and they deserve to be acknowledged.


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