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Spotlight on Culture

People that call this area Home

New Americans

Immigrants from other areas of the world

The South Sudanese people

Cultural Profile of their country of origin- South Sudan

Culinary Traditions

South Sudanese cuisine is based on grains (such as millet, corn, sorghum, wheat). It uses yams, potatoes, vegetables, legumes (beans, lentil, peanuts), meat (goat, mutton, chicken and fish near the rivers and lakes), okra and fruit as well. Meat is boiled, grilled or dried depending on the dish. Historical evidence shows that ancient Nubians (the original inhabitants of the area) were the first to grow and consume wheat. The way they prepare their dishes was influenced by Arab cuisine.

Food is traditionally simple, and based on pounded millet- from which most of the population get the majority of their daily energy requirements. In urban areas, is also common to consume cassava fritters and bread. They use peanuts a lot, as a base and a thickener for their dishes. Meat is consumed with a sauce, and used to top and add flavor to the pounded millet. Dishes from neighboring Ethiopia are also popular.

The main staple is a special type of bread called Kissra, which is made of durra or corn, taken together with a stew. The main components of these stews are meat, onions, spices and peanut butter. Other things could also be added, like milk and yogurt. Other vegetables like potatoes, eggplants and others are also used in preparing some stews along with the meat, onions and spices. The stews are sometimes served over a porridge made with wheat flour or corn. Other times Kissra is used.

Other types of porridges that are popular in the region are made of wheat, Dhukhun and dates. They are eaten together with milk, sugar and butter.

Soups are also popular as food, the most popular is made of cattle’s or sheep’s hoofs boiled with vegetables and spices. Also there is one made with liver, flour, dates and spices.

Examples of South Sudanese dishes

  • Kissra, a type of sorghum pancake, their national dish;

  • Mandazi, fried pastry;

  • Wala-wala, millet porridge;

  • Aseeda, sorghum porridge;

  • Gurassa, a type of yeasted pancake

  • Kajaik, fish stew;

  • Ful sudani, peanut candy;

  • Tamia, falafel;

  • Ful medames;

  • Kombo, made with spinach, peanut butter and tomatoes;

  • Goat meat soup;

  • Molokhia.

Stay tuned for more information on people that call our area home, and their culture in future posts. Our area is blessed to be called home by many people of many cultures, and they all deserve to be acknowledged.


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