Changing Faces,
Futures, Enriching Lives 



Since 1994, Cultural Diversity Resources (CDR) has served as an intercultural bridge to connect diverse communities. 

 With growing multi-cultural populations our goals are to inform, educate and assist everyone, increase diversity and inclusion in communities, and create opportunities by eliminating barriers to community participation.  

 We work with all ethnically diverse populations to welcome and integrate diversity at both personal and professional levels.

 CDR’s programs range from certified bilingual interpretative services, job readiness, and diversity education impacting the Fargo-Moorhead metro area.

 Cultural Diversity Resources is a proactive regional diversity initiative to address the challenges and opportunities of increased cultural and ethnic diversity in Cass County, North Dakota and Clay County, Minnesota.

 Our cross cultural taskforce organizes community forums and meetings to understand challenges and share ideas. Together, they identify overlaps or gaps in services to better align resources, and promote a more equitable frame for civic engagement.

CDR has partnered with AmeriCorps this year through the sponsorship of their VISTA Program, and is the fiscal agent for SEED as a community partner.


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Providing the community with economic and productive resources that we identify as self sufficiency needs with referrals, vouchers and online applications.

Families and individuals are provided opportunities for education, job training, counseling and other forms of social service assistance, so they can obtain skills necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.