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Self Sufficiency Training

Multi-Ethnic Project

 Since August 2014, Cultural Diversity Resources (CDR) has focused on a community innovation project titled: Leadership and capacity building of multi-ethnic communities in collaboration with community partners.


The project is made possible through a Bush Foundation community innovation grant. A needs assessment on ethnic nonprofits and groups in 2013 highlighted challenges around the lack of infrastructure, support and resources among ethnic nonprofits to meet the needs of their ethnic communities which reflect a higher percentage of population with racial, social and economic disparities.


Regular monthly meetings and community forums foster ongoing dialogue and exchange of ideas. Together, community stakeholders will identify overlaps or gaps in services and better align their resources to promote a more equitable frame for civic engagement.

Project's Key Activities


* Foster and build communication and connections among ethnic nonprofits/groups, community key stakeholders, and local funders to develop partnerships for inclusive, equitable and sustainable collective impact.


* Develop a common vision, mission and goals for effort to reduce racial, social and/or economic disparities in collaboration with community partners.


* Create a coalition of diverse partners to reduce barriers, enhance access to community decision- making processes, and cultivate funding support to empower ethnic nonprofits to be more equitable, effective and sustainable.


* Host community forums and meetings.


* Establish a Steering Committee and a Fundraising Committee.


* Form action teams to develop and implement work plans.


* Develop communication strategies that develop multicultural approaches to provide consistent & open communication across participants and funders to build trust, skills and support.

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