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Champions For Diversity Awards


 The growing diversity of the upper plains region challenges us to build communities that value diversity through sharing of ideas while considering the points of view of others. The diversity of the region is an asset that makes us better employers, educators and community members.

 For over 100 years, our region has built upon the assets of diversity to create vibrant, welcoming and engaging communities. These efforts have played significant roles in the social and economic development of the region through increasing regional and global business development; expanded educational opportunities; and the encouragement of all community members to make contributions using their special talents, expertise and knowledge.

 Since 1994, Cultural Diversity Resources has served as the regional
intercultural bridge that strengthens bonds and facilitates understanding among diverse communities. As such, on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, Cultural Diversity Resources seeked to recognize contributions made by nonprofit organizations, for profit corporations / businesses, and educational institutes (K-16) that
demonstrate, encourage and promote diversity and inclusion in our region.

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