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Where do we go from here?

We live in a great community, that's generally compassionate and welcoming. The past few years have been really hard for all of us, as we had to learn to live in a new reality, with a pandemic that made us retreat and separate from each other. The social and political climate of the country was also difficult, with this generation demanding social justice and reform for all, which didn't always turn out well. Change takes time, but I believe we're seeing a lot of it these days.

Diversity is here to stay- as it has always been woven into the fabric of this country, immigrants have always come to this beautiful land- unless you're native American and your ancestors have been here for more generations than you can remember, but even back then there were people coming from other places. It is not what we have become, it is what we are- a truly diverse community, with wonderful people from all corners of the world. That's one of the main reasons I love living here.

Now that the temperatures are warming up, and things are starting to open up more, it's our turn to reach out and connect with each other. We all need to work together. Include each other. Use our privilege to make sure that the voices that are not included, get a chance to be heard. If we really care about diversity and inclusion, we need to let those other voices have their time to express their concerns, let them be acknowledged. We need to learn their perspectives, and the different way they see the world, and teach our children to do the same.

As Nelson Mandela brilliantly said, it is in our hands to create a better world for all who live in it.

Let's go out and do it.

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